Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’S)

Q) I am a newbie. Will I be able to operate this dropshipping business?

A) Sure,All the primary tasks are automated (minimizing the manual work needed for the store)

Q) Is the store customizable? What if I want to modify logo or a few images?

A)you can do that effortlessly, as the store is fully customizable through with a very easy control panel. You will be able to customize the products, pick the ones you choose, switch categories or edit costs and markup profits

Q) May I have copyright problems with the images used on the store?

A) We purchase under royalty free permission (CC0 – Creative Commons) all images we use and so that you will not have any copyright trouble in future

Q) What will be my work after buying this store?

A) you’ll be an entrepreneur: you’ll have to drive traffic to your store through with advertisement and other proven methods explained in detail in the guides we will provide to you. This will be your principal task. Managing the orders will be super fast and simple as you can forward them to the supplier with some clicks.

Q) What about merchandise returns?

A) Returns will be covered by the supplier itself, that way your customer will ship the merchandise back directly to the supplier. Put differently you don’t have to pick up the returned product first and then forward it to the supplier. Your customer still will not acknowledge that you’re a dropshipper and not the real supplier!